Lucy, Physical Therapist

Travel PT suits me perfectly, since I’ve been able to feel like I am on vacation with each one of the assignments I’ve received from Prime. This is a part of the country that is worth exploring. In each situation, I’ve been able to get to know the character of different Northern Michigan communities, while working at assignments I love. Teaming with Prime on travel PT assignments offers me more than professional advantages. I have wonderful friendships with the people I work with at Prime. These friendships make my assignments much more pleasant. When I’ve changed from one contract to the next, I can trust the fact that Prime will direct me to contracts that I will enjoy.  One of the biggest pleasures of working with Prime is how positive and supportive they are when I am on the road. As an example, on a recent assignment, I had to switch my living arrangements. The team quickly helped me find the next living situation and made sure I was settled in without any problems. They are very much a safety net for me, if I meet up with any little problem along the way. Prime has been a team I can rely on. Even when my recruiter is not available, the Prime team takes over, doesn’t miss a beat, and my assignments continue as smoothly as ever.