The Best Ways You Can Improve Your Career While on a Travel Assignment

Taking a travel assignment as a healthcare professional offers you unique opportunities to grow your career and grow your personal life. Many times, traveling throughout the United States for a job offers you the ability to see the country in a way no tourist can. Additionally, it offers you opportunities you may not otherwise get working in a permanent position, allowing you to improve your skills and gain traction as you aim at a promotion.

A travel assignment is a distinctive way of gaining cultural competency. Every location you work has a different culture to experience. This requires adaptability and flexibility on your part and offers you the ability to work in increasingly diverse work environments. These cross-cultural skills are highly valued on your resume. While traveling, you’ll have the opportunity to choose to work in teaching hospitals. These offer challenging environments in which you interact with multiple team members from physicians and residents to dietitians, therapists and pharmacists. Each are participants in a team aimed at improving successful outcomes for their patients. Expanding your ability to be a team player is another perk on your resume.

Yet another way of improving your career is to expand your professional network. In a permanent position you may develop connections with those in your geographical area. However, as a traveling healthcare professional, you have access to highly qualified professionals in a variety of careers across the U.S. With every person you add to your network, you increase the likelihood you’ll have an inside connection and a good reputation as you seek to settle into a permanent position.

Traveling requires that you boost your interpersonal skills and you work effectively with a variety of personalities. This ability to understand and work within groups of individuals toward a common goal is a skill most managers seek. Working with a variety of people also helps you discover different career paths that might interest you and broaden your training in your specialty. Some facilities offer training to improve their staff performance, which you’ll have access to attend.

Working in a variety of geographical locations also proves your adaptability and flexibility on many fronts. From living in new environments to interacting with new co-workers and clinical approaches, you’ll learn there isn’t one right way to do things. Instead, there are multiple ways and as you’re willing to learn new techniques and evaluate your situation, you’ll discover you’ve been given the gift of growing knowledge and expertise in your specialty you likely would not have acquired working in a permanent position.

Traveling also challenges you personally and professionally and helps you gain confidence in yourself. This is one of the greatest skills you can bring to any job and is one most managers recognize during the interview process. Your confidence and knowing you can face and overcome challenges makes you an asset to any facility you choose to work at.

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