Job Seeker FAQ

How long does it take to start my first assignment?

That all depends on your availability, some travelers start their first assignment within two weeks after submitting their application, while others plan their assignments several months in advance.How quickly you start on a travel assignment depends on whether your documentation is complete and if your license is current for the state where you will be practicing.

If it isn’t, don’t worry. Prime’s credentialing team will assist you with getting all the paperwork and credential requirements organized in time for your assignment start date.

Can I travel with my pet?

Absolutely you can! At Prime HealthCare Staffing, our travelers have traveled with dogs, cats, horses and sometimes dogs and horses, there is no limit! Be free and travel.

How do I enroll in Prime’s 401k Plan?

You are eligible to participate in Prime’s 401k plan once you have completed 90 days of employment. You will automatically be emailed the enrollment and plan information directly from our benefits office.You may contribute up to 75 percent of your salary or the annual IRS maximum, whichever is lower, on a tax-free basis. All eligible travelers who join our 401k program can also take advantage of the generous match we offer. Ask your recruiter for details!

What types of assignments do you offer?

Prime HealthCare Staffing offers our therapists a variety of healthcare settings to choose from such as outpatient clinics, acute care hospitals, rehab facilities, SNF, home health, school systems and government facilities. Prime’s typical travel assignment is full time between 13-26 weeks. Tell us where you want to go, and our team will help you get there.

Do you offer referral bonuses?

Yes! With Prime HealthCare Staffing it’s simple; you will receive a $500 bonus for each friend you referred once they have completed their first assignment. Ask your recruiter for details.There is no greater compliment to your recruiter than a referral!

Do you work with travel teams?

Absolutely we do, every day! What’s better than sharing this adventure with a travel buddy. Prime has placed hundreds of travel teams across the nation, taking special care to match location, schedules and days off together.

What if something goes wrong on my assignment?

Although we hope nothing does, let’s face it things happen. For example, Cheryl PTA was on an assignment in a hospital in Houston when Hurricane Harvey hit. Her housing was located in a flood zone and her fur baby (Wiggles) was at home, although she had a safe place to stay in the hospital, Wiggles could not stay in her apartment.Animal shelters during a hurricane are never an option for us here at Prime. Our housing department immediately found Cheryl and Wiggle’s new safe housing out of the storm’s path at no charge.

No matter the obstacle you face on your travel adventure, the Prime Team will always have your back!

Do you offer a housing allowance?

Yes. If you arrange and pay for your own housing, you’ll receive a monthly housing stipend, the amount varies by geographic location and position.Prime HealthCare Staffing offers several housing services for our travelers.

If your taxable address is 50 or more miles from your assignment, you can choose company-paid housing or a monthly housing stipend you can use towards securing your own accommodations.

If you choose to secure your own housing and need help with the legwork, Prime’s housing team will provide a “Housing Assist” and send you housing options and contacts in the area where you are searching.

I want to start my travel career, what is the first step?

It’s easy! To get in contact with one of our seasoned recruiters, simply complete Prime’s Fast Form, Skills Checklist and Reference Request Form. Once you complete your forms, one of our expert recruiters will reach out to you to better understand what you’re looking for in a travel contract.

Why does Prime have such an extensive list of required credentials?

As our customers are increasingly requiring more credential items, Prime must comply with those demands. Hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing facilities and schools all require different levels and amounts of credentials for each employee. Prime’s internal list of requirements tends to mimic those required by some of our most critical customers. Collecting such an extensive list of credentials from each of our employees also allows us to have on hand virtually anything that may be needed for any future assignment as well.

How do I get paid?

Prime employees are paid weekly based on timesheets that are submitted by you each week signed by your supervisor. Depending on the customer/assignment, electronic timekeeping methods may also be in place.

Do you offer health benefits?

Prime offers first-day coverage for all of its employees, with varied plans that offer the best coverage for your needs. Currently have coverage but want to switch before or during your assignment? Not a problem. “Qualifying Events” allow an employee to sign up at any time for any number of reasons including, but limited to loss of coverage due to turning 26 years old, spouse losing coverage, your current policy ending, etc.

Where do you want to go?