Most Popular Health Care Travel Destinations for 2019

As you’re choosing your next travel destination, take a moment to consider the following hubs of quality life and work environments chosen by travel healthcare providers. There is a mixture of places where you might find hopping nightlife, serene mountain air or sunny beaches. If you’re looking for a destination to grow your professional experience, you’ll find that here too. Choosing among this list may be your most difficult decision, but whatever your particular desire, you’re sure to find a destination where work feels more like play.

Maui, Hawaii — Hawaii has recovered from a volcanic eruption, earthquake and hurricane. Maui was voted HomeAway’s top U.S. destination for 2019 and rounds out the top five destinations. You’ll feel far from the familiar sights of the continental U.S. while experiencing some of the same benefits. Competition for travel positions is a little steeper for this location. You may not earn top dollar for the hours worked, but you’ll have an unparalleled travel experience.

Denver, Colorado — Denver offers you all the benefits of urban life with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. If you enjoy skiing or other winter sports, you’ll enjoy working in Denver any time of the year.

Burbank, California — Is your interest piqued by the movie industry? Burbank is home to film and television studios and locals have the chance to live in the heart of the entertainment industry. Travel to Burbank may offer you a lucrative assignment and the opportunity to feel like you’re on vacation during your off hours. With the beach on one side and Angeles National Forest on the other, you’ll never be short on things to do on your days off.

New York City, New York — The Big Apple has something to offer everyone, including high rental properties. If you’ve always dreamed of living there, take the opportunity to travel and experience the best of the city without a long-term commitment. Rent will be cheaper in some of the surrounding communities and you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy all that New York has to offer, including museums, parks, restaurants and some of the best art in the nation. Additionally, New York also boasts some of the best medical centers such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Mount Sinai Hospital and NYU Langone Medical Center.

Tucson, Arizona — If you like the heat and long sunny days, consider traveling to Tucson where a lower cost of living combined with a rich variety of music, food and natural wonders may make this one of your favorite travel destinations.

Anchorage, Alaska — Tucked into an inlet off the Gulf of Alaska, this thriving city offers beautiful views, the opportunities to interact with wildlife and cruises and land tours you can take on your days off.

Nashville Tennessee— Famous for their nightlife, music industry and friendly communities, Tennessee also boasts state-of-the-art hospitals and the birthplace of country music.

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