Five Traits Every Healthcare Employer is Looking for in Their Candidates

The healthcare field is exciting and often changing. In order to compete, it’s important to know the traits employers and recruiters are looking for in their candidate. Many of these are important to the health and safety of the patients you’ll be caring for. A good therapist can mean the difference between living independently or requiring the help of others for the rest of your patient’s life. With these things in mind, it’s helpful to know the top five traits your next healthcare employer is looking for.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

The ability to be an active listener is important in healthcare as your patients will be communicating information you must integrate into your care plan. Being able to interpret what another person has to say and fully digest the information you’re given is just part of your overall communication skills. These skills are important to your success in interpersonal relationships and your ability to interact and relate with your patients. You’ll find your clients follow your advice and are more motivated when they value your opinion. This value is based on your ability to connect and therefore to your interpersonal skills.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is not unique to the needs of a healthcare employer. However, a genuinely positive attitude helps your interpersonal relationships and your own self-care in a physically demanding and mentally strenuous career. Positivity may be difficult to demonstrate on a resume but it is definitely analyzed during any interview process, whether with your potential employer or your recruiter.

Flexibility and Dependability

Your next employer is looking for someone who can be flexible in their ability to schedule and adapt to different environments and situations. As a traveling therapist, it’s important to stay up-to-date on current developments and changes in your treatment protocols. Your next employer is also looking for a reliable and dependable employee who will show up on time every day. Although difficult to ascertain from a resume, during the interview process you may be asked questions to determine any work patterns that speak to your dependability.

Attention to Detail

In the healthcare field, attention to detail can make the difference between life and death. The best traveling therapist will have a keen attention to what’s going on around them and a habit of taking notes in order to compare behavior from one session to the next. You may be the first person to recognize a behavioral change in your patient that signals a problem with medication or deteriorating medical condition.

Integrity and Strong Work Ethic

The best employees are those who are honest and upfront in their interview, as this signals to a potential employer your ability to be honest and upfront in your patient care. Future employers may ask questions about a time when your integrity was challenged and how you handled it, or a hypothetical question about what you would do if someone asked you to do something unethical. In part, your work ethic likely rests on your level of integrity. Healthcare employers are looking for individuals who are committed to their job, have a strong work ethic and are loyal during their work hours. Demonstrating you have these skills can go a long way towards setting you apart from other candidates.

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