How Technology Is Shaping the Healthcare Training Process

Technology is changing the way people work and play. There are transformative shifts in the workplace from cloud-based innovations making companies rethink their hiring processes and organizational goals, to the technological advancements used in the medical field. Your goal as a healthcare professional is to enhance or enable your client’s meaningful participation in everyday activities, including their job, which requires ongoing communication with your client and education for yourself.

When your clients are not motivated to continue their at-home program or forget the exercises in their program, their progress slows and some clients will stop altogether. This severely reduces the outcomes they may experience and likely has an impact on your own sense of achievement. Giving clients a written program is not as effective  — and there are more efficient ways to track your patient’s progress and trigger their desire to complete the program.

According to Pew Internet Research, 77% of Americans carry smartphones, which you can load with a MedBridge Go app designed to help your clients get and stay motivated to complete their program and achieve greater results. The app improves adherence as it engages the patient every day in reminders and games aimed at their individualized program. Push notifications remind your client of their program and motivate them to continue.

The app also gives your clients access to video and audio cues to guide them through their exercises and gives them specialized knowledge about their physical condition to help them understand the importance of using their program to achieve their goals. You’ll also have access to feedback within the app on your client’s pain level and performance, so you can revise the at-home program finding the right balance of challenging yet achievable exercises.

When your client has questions, they won’t have to pick up the phone to leave messages you must return at the end of the day. An in-app messaging function lets them communicate directly with you, so communication is quick, easy and efficient for both of you.

MedBridge also addresses your ongoing educational needs as it’s one of the most powerful ways to change and improve lives. Leaving home for a two-day conference isn’t always an available option with work and family obligations. MedBridge offers you the option to obtain the education you want, wherever you are. Continuing education courses, certification prep and even live webinars are all in this app built just for busy professionals.

Courses are accredited and over 900 are available for occupational therapists separated by specialty, body regions, settings or difficulty levels. If you’re a new grad looking for an introductory course in pediatrics you can use in a home health setting, there are over 15 options. You pick and choose the courses you need or want to achieve your professional goals — all from the comfort and convenience of your smartphone.

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