How Association Boards Can Be a Healthcare Professionals Best Friend

Your association board and website are active resources within your profession, developing and sharing information exclusively designed to keep you abreast of data necessary to thrive in this changing healthcare environment. As a contract staffing therapist, you’ll want to take full advantage of your industry association and board to provide you with the content you need on how to stay up to date with your license, how to participate in state and federal legislation pertinent to your professional practice, and give you opportunities for engagement and professional growth.

Your professional association will have resources for you to work with specific groups of individuals, whether within a facility, a work environment or a school system. Your skills and resources are needed in a variety of environments, and by growing your network, you’ll not only have access to greater career opportunities, you’ll also discover additional education to advance your career.

If you’re looking for assistance with examination prep, your professional association’s website is the place to go. Use the resources on their site to learn about maintaining your certification, how to submit your compliance forms or how to move your license to a “not current” status in order to take time off with your family. The website also contains frequently asked questions about standards, how to initially apply for your certification and how to be reinstated after you have placed your status on “not current.” Since state licensure information is different for each state, it’ll be necessary to visit your state chapter website.

Listings of conferences and events to further your education and your career can be found on the national and state websites. Your professional organization has newsletters to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in the legislature, your professional practice and even the ability to contribute content.

Do you have an ethical question about what’s been happening at work? Do you need to send information to someone considering becoming a therapist? Do you have questions about working with a specific age group? All of this and more can be found on your professional association’s website.

Although connecting digitally is time efficient, sometimes a face-to-face conversation is more effective and better for networking in your geographical area. Your professional association has chapters in each state across the U.S. and sections dealing with specific patient populations. Go to the national organization is website and search for your state chapters, and where you’ll be able to connect with people within your state, learn about local educational offerings, events and participate in local membership.

It may feel intimidating to connect with individuals you don’t know, but your professional board and association is your best friend as you seek to engage in higher education, advance your career, network throughout your state or have questions you can’t seem to get answered elsewhere. Even when they don’t have the answer, they know exactly where to go to get it and will either point you in the right direction or walk it through with you.

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