Top Resume Trends for Traveling Healthcare Professionals

Travel positions are often highly competitive. The best way to stand out is through a strong professional resume. In most cases, a hiring manager will choose candidates sight unseen. A professional resume that pushes all the right buttons communicates that you are at the top of your field and understand the value in communicating your skills, qualifications, and experience.

In order to stand out from the rest of the candidates, it’s necessary that your resume doesn’t just include the basics. Today, hiring managers are looking for more than a summary and a list of your education, experience and soft skills. Let’s look at a few other factors to make your resume really shine.

Do Your Homework to Conquer the Applicant Tracking System.

Resumes submitted online often go through an Applicant Tracking System to provide a computerized analysis before the document ever reaches the hands of the hiring manager.  Take time to really study the description the facility has used as they’re looking for a traveling physical therapist. Notice the qualities and integrate those seamlessly into your summary and your description of your previous experiences as these are often trigger words the tracking system seeks out. It is also important to go beyond tailoring your resume to the job description. Consider going the extra mile to research the facility, finding significant information and special terminology used on their website or Facebook page you may mirror in your resume.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Nearly every facility has gone to an electronic health record or electronic medical record. Your experience is a commonly requested skill, and by highlighting it on your resume you set yourself apart from those who will have to be trained. It is also important to stress your ability to learn new programs quickly if you have this skill. You may consider demonstrating this by discussing past EMR systems and how learning one helped you to decipher the intricacies of the next.

License and Certification Specifics.

These are often included in the education or experience sections, but it’s important to consider having a separate section specifically for certifications you might hold or training you have conducted. Hospitals are interested in PT’s who have the ability to work with populations common to their facility and who have specialized certifications.

Headline Your Most Relevant Experience.

What you consider your most relevant experience, and what the hiring manager considers your most relevant experience maybe two different things. Your resume is aimed at your hiring manager, so be sure you are speaking directly to this particular facility. Highlight your travel work in your summary and under your experiences. Your hiring manager wants to know how well you adapt to new situations and how quickly you can fit into their company culture. Use examples when you can.

Be Consistent.

As you are formatting your resume, keep it consistent throughout, using the same font for headlines and for descriptions in each section. Creating a specific resume, without employment gaps, or grammar and spelling errors assures your hiring manager you may be just as consistent and detail oriented in the job.

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